This word sums up the origin and current activity of our stud farm, Haras des Rocs. Haras des Rocs has been founded by a team of passionated people who have been present in the world of horse races for nearly 20 years.

In 2015, after having been the owners during many years of great thoroughbreds such as Gofriler or Takeroc, we have decided to start a project that would enable us to live everyday in the world of the horse breeding market.

The result: Haras des Rocs, currently accounting with 21 broodmares.

Discover our foals, yearlings and juveniles, ready to start their training.

Welcome to Haras des Rocs: passion and experience committed to excellence.

The Haras des Rocs team


The race horses market is in constant evolution. As we are aware of this fact, the Haras des Rocs premises account with all the necessary equipment to prepare horses for training, and for the horse races world.

Our horses are bred in constant contact with us: as soon as they are born, we teach our foals to get used to human contact by spending time with each and every one of them. As a result, their dressage is easier, and their training gets faster progress.

Premises that do not isolate horses: as much our broodmares as their produces are together and get to socialise as soon as they are born.
As a result, our horses are sociable, healthier and are not fearful.

Pre-training or training sessions for all horses for sale from 2 years old. An added value for a "turnkey" sale: our horses are ready to enter the horse races world without any further waiting.

An exerciser, enabling us to condition our young horses and get them ready for pre-training.

Our location, in the South-West of France, enables us to enjoy a mild climate all year long. These are some ideal conditions for horses dressage and training.



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